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Qvevri Wine

The Georgians were the first people to stomp grapes with their feet until they no longer felt anything solid under their soles. Every farmer had a wine cellar. What was peculiar, however, was that there were no wine tankards or barrels to be seen. Amphorae (Qvevri) were buried up to the rim under a row of “molehills” on the cellar floor, where they fermented in the cool earth. A note in the diary of a global traveller around the year 1600 proved that the Georgians maintained this tradition over thousands of years. “There is no country in the world where better wine is drunk. The farmers hollow out thick tree trunks and use them as stamping troughs. They pour the juice into large earthenware tankards and bury them in the cellar floor.”

The observer believed that the wine producers used this technique to hide the delicious drink from enemies. On the contrary: they contributed the first chapter of wine production to the history of wine (see the "Geschichte des Weines).


From August 2009 you too can stomp grapes in the traditional manner and observe how the juice is collected in the Qvevri at our estates.

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