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Culinary master-classes


Traditional Georgian Dishes

Discover Real Flavor of Georgia

It is impossible to fill the real Georgian soul without experience the unique flavor of our dishes. In our chateau you have great opportunity to take part in the most delicious culinary master-classes. Prepare and taste the most popular Georgian dishes, which satisfies the desire of each person. Make your dinner table special and unique!

Menu price for one person is 80 GEL; in case of choosing 2 dishes from one menu the price will be 60 GEL

Master-classes are holding from 13:00 till 19:00

Menu I

Eggplant with walnuts

Kachapuri Imeretian


Menu II

Mix Salade

Khachapuri Acharian



Menu III

Cucumber and tomato salad with Kakhetian oil

Khachapuri Megrelian



Menu IV

Green beans with walnuts




The Master Class of Making Cheese and Nadughi

Exclusive Offer from Schuchmann Chateau – The Master Class of Making Cheese and Nadughi

History of making cheese in Georgia counts millenniums. This is the heritage that has been transmitted from generation to generation for a long time, and now, our chateau gives you a unique chance to become a part of this continuous tradition and prepare beauty of Georgian table: Imeretian cheese and Nadughi!

If you are willing to truly experience the real Georgian cuisine, learn, prepare and taste 100% ecologically clean and natural product, then this master class is for you!

The duration of the process: 90 minutes. Cost of master class: 1 person 150 GEL