Schuchmann Wines Château,Villas & SPA | Restaurant & Bar
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Traditional restaurant

Our restaurant with fascinating view of Alazani Valley and Caucasus Mountain will make your day unforgettable. Our A La Card dishes, which are the combination of traditional and modern Georgian cuisine, prepared carefully only from bio and fresh products, accompanied with Schuchmann and Vinotera wines, will drive you for an unforgettable gourmet experience.

High class service and friendly staff are always at your disposal!

Molecular gastronomy restaurant

In Schuchmann Wines Chateaux , Villas and SPA, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience the marvel of molecular gastronomy that truly satisfies the palate of the most demanding guests searching for a new dining experience!
Combining avant-garde cooking techniques with high-tech kitchen tools and a poetic sense of whimsy, molecular gastronomy is equal parts art and science.
Molecular kitchen is completely new direction in the culinary. It aims to introduce low calorie and healthy dishes, achieved through exploring the mechanisms of culinary transformations and processes (from a chemical and physical point of view) in the artistic, social and technical component.
Our dishes options have a local flavor with a Georgian cuisine influence and all are extremely well-done. They definitely satisfy the taste of every person.


Grill Restaurant

Our pool Grill Restaurant overlooking the fascinating view of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains is one of the most idyllic areas.
Excellent outdoor bar with various barbeque choices, prepared from fresh products, accompanied with newly backed traditional Georgian bread, , will make your day complete.
You should definitely experience poolside dining with excellent wines and lively prepared barbeque!