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Defined by Nature, Lead by Emotion

Created with the mix of design based on wine unique fragments and exclusive 100% bio products
made from the grapes of our vineyards.

For the guests of our wine spa our wine therapists conduct unique procedures such as regenerating scrabbing with grapes seeds,
health-improving procedures with local mud, hot wine baths, etc.

The leading product of Schuchmann Wine Spa is grapes seed oil produced by us. It is noteworthy for its unique characteristics and is a natural product, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, softening
oil that makes skin tender and elastic.

There are wine baths in Schuchmann Wine Spa where guests can experience on their own body the magic power of wine.

Only local natural materials are used in Schuchmann Wine Spa that we tenderly collect in our vineyards and process with natural methods.

Grapes polyphenol that contains anti-oxidants and antihyaluronidases;
it is the strongest antioxidant of vegetable origin. It neutralizes free radicals that are the reason of skin aging.

Vine reed resveratrol that strengthens the skin;
it stimulates generation of collagens and elastin, stops glycation process that also causes early skin aging.

Natural grape water, tears, so-called vegetable water rich with micro elements, vitamins, and moisturizing polysaccharides.

Grapes seeds oil – the uniqueness of vine is in grapes stones oil that includes Omega 6 and vitamin E.
Characterized with skin regeneration and nourishing features.