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2-Day Detox-Program

A two-day detox program has been developed by Schuchmann Wine Spa, especially for our guests. If you would like  to overcome excess weight, stress and related disorders such as: depression, insomnia. To heal and moisturize dry skin from winter cold, then this is exactly for you.

The two-day detox program includes:

Consultation of therapists

Slimming cocktail (tailored to you)

Phyto and red wine baths

Local mud or scrub procedure

Lymphatic drainage

Detox massage

Face and head massage

You can also enjoy:

With a gym

With sauna, indoor pool and outdoor hot water jacuzzi

After the detox program, the body is completely cleansed of harmful substances. The program is the most effective way to fight extra pounds.

Day one

19:00 – Red wine bath, lymphatic drainage – Head massage (70 minutes)

Day two

11:00 – Detox massage with hot stones + Facial lymphatic massage (60 minutes)

19:00 – Phyto bath, mud or scrub procedure with point massage (80 minutes)

In total price is:

Deluxe Double  Room + Detox program – 900 GEL (For 2 people)

Two Bedroom Villa + Detox program – 1150 GEL (For 2 people)