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Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant

“Schuchmann Wine Bar” location was carefully selected, and it was established in the old Tbileli Caravanserai in an inseparable part of the historical center of Tbilisi, which is located at 8 Sioni Street on the main artery of Tbilisi tourist route. The Caravanserai was built by the Georgian king Rostom XVII in the beginning of the century, later restored by the Tbileli metropolitan Domenti III, after whom the king’s Caravanserai received its new name of Tbileli. It unites the architectural forms of the feudal era, as well as of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. This is the only monument in Tbilisi which gives the opportunity to observe the construction art and traditions of Tbilisi within one building. A part of the building is occupied by the Tbilisi Historical Museum which adds charm and prestige to the building.

  • Enjoy warm, friendly, exclusive atmosphere with handmade pure Georgian interior design at Schuchmann Wine Bar
  • Taste Georgian Fusion carefully prepared by our professional cooks
  • Drink our premium “Schuchmann” and “Vinoterra” wines directly from our Château and receive information on wines from our professional sommeliers 


Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant is about presenting high standardized real Georgian wine and gastronomic experience…
Our fantastic wines from our château, handmade pure Georgian interior design, open kitchen, Georgian Fusion, non smoking environment, Georgian ethno-jazz, high quality service and well trained and professional stuff are happy to welcome you at our place!

Sincerely and with love,

SWG Team