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Schuchmann Wines Georgia

Is an ultra-premium winery specializing in famous indigenous Georgian grape varieties. It was founded in 2008 by Schuchmann family in a very center of Georgian wine growing zone in Tsinandali. Having travelled to many countries in his life and being a wine buff for years, Schuchmann decided to set up a wine business in Georgia. He has been to Georgia already as a student and he knew about the beauty of the country, the hospitality of the people and the potential of the soils. SWG joined traditional Georgian wine making practices with German ingenuity to produce age-worthy and memorable wines.

The French concept of Château is at the heart of Georgian wine making process. Burkhard Schuchmann and longtime winemaker Giorgi Dakishvili follow the belief that in order to produce quality wine, the varietals planted must match the vineyard’s soil composition, sun and wind exposure, and overall micro-climate. SWG produces wines out of three distinct vineyard sites Napareuli, Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli. Our flagship wines, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Kindzmarauli, Mtsvane and the Cabernet Sauvignon are produced from an indigenous grape varieties cultivated in a specific micro zones of Kakheti at the winery location. Currently, we grow eight varieties at our three vineyards with the best site-specific methods. We have consistency and are able to maintain style every year because of this dedicated concept of only growing our grape varietals where they grow best.

Besides we are host of every traveler at our Château in Kakheti by offering to our preferred guest’s exclusive service of wine and gastronomic tourism. Behind the doors to each winery you’ll find friendly staff, stylish and relaxed tasting rooms and a wide range of wines to sample. Here, you can experience the life of a winery. Sample rare vintages, special Reserves, new releases, or small batch specialties, many only available at the winery. Take a tour behind the scenes. Feel free to ask questions. We’re happy to share what we know.

Each winery tells a unique story, with its own defining characteristics, as distinctive as the wines they create. From the sleekness of glass and steel to the warmth of stone and wood, our wineries are expressions of our personalities. Visit large estates, medium-size operations and small boutique and you’ll see that when it comes to the wines, size doesn’t matter.

Perfection is the child of time. We gave ours 8,000 years of experience to grow.


Dear Wine Lover:

It was a coincidence that during a transport-industry conference I attended in Berlin back in 2006 a number of colleagues drew my attention to Georgia. Months later I found myself traveling through this country for the first time in my life. As an industrial manager from the world of rail I was quite unprepared for the unspoilt natural beauty that greeted me. I vividly recall how quickly I developed close ties to the country and its people. Driven by my own enthusiasm and Georgian hospitality I dug deeper into this world of wines that have been have been produced here for millenniums.  

Captivated by their quality I felt a need to draw attention beyond the boundaries of Georgia to both the traditional Georgian wines from Qvevris and those made to Western standards. For this dream to materialize, a team of enthusiasts was necessary led by George Dakishvili, winemaker and inspiration of the entire project. He is, in fact, the third generation of his family to have embraced the profession. From a tender age closely conversant with winemaking he has over the years, through training and experience, acquired the skills and cultivated the art essential to the realization of the project. His proficiency will put us in a position to create premium quality wines.

We also wanted to give the country something in return for the support and friendship shown and so Schuchmann Wines got involved in setting up a three-year winemaking qualification project and introducing a related theoretical-cum-practical vocational training program.]
Join us in Georgia and form an impression of your own! Or, as starters, simply sample our product from a country in which travelers are welcomed in a language they all understand — by a glass of wine.

Burkhard Schuchmann

The Winemaker: Dr George Dakishvili

Dr George Dakishvili is wine maker in third generation. Already his father and grandfather were winemakers. As a young boy he decided that the process of fermenting grape juice will be the topic of his live. And so he followed into his father’s footsteps who taught him the basics. Dr George Dakishvili has got international experience and studied wine making on the university in Georgia. He is considered as the best Georgian winemaker.


Schuchmann wines benefits not only from his deep knowledge also from his enthusiasm.