Schuchmann Winery | Wine Making Process
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The highest quality wines matured in Kvevri & French oak.



  • Kvevri is a key authentic instrument in making Kakhetian wine (aka Amber or Orange wine) wine.
  • Kvevri or Qvevri (alternative spelling) is a perfect vessel for both red and white winemaking at home
  • Kvevri or Qvevri (alternative spelling) is a perfect vessel for both red and white winemaking at home
  • The main advantage to making wine in the kvevri buried in an underground marani (winecellar) is that temperature of storing wine is almost unchanged from winter to summer.

Kvevri is not just for storing wine, but is also a part of the technological process.

Sustainable winegrowing

The objective of the pilot project W.E.I.N. is to secure winegrowing for the long term by a sustainable improvement of the economic situation in accordance with Agenda 21. It aims to identify, develop and promote methods that are economically profitable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

The principles of sustainable winegrowing are:
Intergenerational fairness
Future generations should have the same opportunities as the present generation.
Maintaining and fostering the unique cultural landscape.

Resource conservation
Maintaining the fundamentals of production (ground, water and air), in other words, the use of a resource may be no greater than its ability for regeneration in the long term. Conserving non-renewable resources.
Using regenerative energy.

Ecological responsibility
Natural ecosystems should not be harmed, in other words, substance release and energy consumption may be no greater than the environmental resilience or its assimilation capability in the long term.

Maintaining and utilising biological diversity.